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With a flowing medium, a phase shift takes place. With a standing medium, both sensors receive the sent ultrasonic signals within the same phase, i. *The flow meter uses the difference between the transit times (t2 - t1 = Δt), along with the parameters input by the user, to calculate fluid speed and volume flow.

Please check my other auction for a variety of GE Panametrics flow meters and other accessories. 4 HygroTrac Instruction Manual 4. GF Signet Flow Meter. instrument malfunctions within the warranty period, the following procedure must be completed: 1. GE Sensing DigitalFlow™ XGM868i Panametrics General-Purpose Gas Flow Transmitter (1 & 2 Channel) Programming Manual 910-197PD March DigitalFlow™ is a GE Panametrics product. Replace the sensor because it costs less than the timer.

We currently have many auctions going containing electronics and computer parts. Page 2 of 15 Figure 3: The flow meter kit. If the flow meter&39;s wire harness is okay, then a faulty flow meter sensor or a failed timer is preventing the display from showing water flow. Two sensors opposite each other alternately ge sensing flow meter manual send and receive ultrasonic signals.

If the transit time is negative, the flow is moving opposite the expected direction. If the timer still. The transducers can be installed on a horizontal run of pipe or a vertical run of pipe with flow going up. DigitalFlow™ XGF868i Programming Manual 3 Chapter 1.

The Panametrics DigitalFlow DF868 is a fixed-installed liquid flow meter designed to measure energy and flow for all industries. GE Infrastructure Sensing Model AT868 AquaTrans™ Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter for Water (1- & 2-Channel) User’s Manual 910-218D September. GE Sensing AquaTrans™ AT868 Panametrics Liquid Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter AquaTransAT868 is a Panametrics product. Panametrics offers advanced flow controls that not only deliver control, but accurate, real-time data.

GE Measurement & Control Flow 910-171S Rev. The decal cutout for each key contains a hall effect sensor, pushbutton switch and visible red LED. The DigitalFlow DF868 meter measures energy flow in water and water/glycol heating and cooling systems with temperatures from -4°F to 410°F (-20°C to 210°C). The DigitalFlow XMT868i ultrasonic flow transmitter combines state-of-the-art flow measurement capability with a low-cost transmitter package that can be installed right at the process measurement point. FCI Flow Meters may be installed with less than the recommended straight run, but may have performance limitations. we ship international. 1 Multi-Parameter Mass Flow Meters Mass flow meters utilize three primary sensing elements: a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor and a solid state pressure sensor to measure the mass flow rate of gases, liquids, and steam. To install your wireless sensors, complete the following steps: 1.

no difference in phase occurs. GE Panametrics Ultrasonic Flow Meter Part II Transducer Installation 3. GE Sensing TransPort® PT878GC Panametrics Ultrasonic Portable Gas Flowmeter TransPort PT878GC is a Panametrics product. GE Panametrics has joined other GE high-technology businesses under a new name—GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies. TransPort® PT878 User’s Manual v Environmental Compliance Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive GE Measurement & Control is an active participant in Europe’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) take-back initiative, directive /19/EU.

Since then, the Panametrics brand has been known for its high-technology inline and clamp-on flow meters that handle the toughest applications and environments. com and Pumps and Instrumentations are the largest distributor and 1 source to buy of Signet products. The equipment that you bought has required the extraction and use of. Return Policy If a GE Sensing, Inc. Model Device Type Dev/DD REV* Remarks; XMT868 (Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter) 0001: 01/01: GE Flow Liquid 868 Rev 1. Page 2 Sensing & Inspection Technologies DigitalFlow™ GC868 Panametrics Gas Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter Service Manual (1 and 2-ChannelSF1 April The DigitalFlow GC868 is a GE Panametrics product. This ge sensing flow meter manual is top of the line equipment than as proven itself time and again to provide safe operation in harsh and remote environments.

The XMT868i is a clamp-on flow meter certified for installation in hazardous environments such as petrochemical and chemical processing. ge sensing flow meter manual Shop Now: com/products/10266/ge-panametrics-transport-pt878-ultrasonic-flow-meter-system The GE Panameterics TransPort PT878 flow meter. Page 89 DECLARATION Sensing CONFORMITY DOC-0003, Rev. 1 Wireless Sensors A photograph of a HygroTrac wireless sensor is shown at the right.

Avoid installing transducers on a vertical run of pipe with flow going down unless it is known that the pipe will always be full. The magnetic wand used to activate a. GE’s offering of Sensing and Measurement equipment includes solutions using thermal validation, dew point measurement, ultrasonic measurement, gas flow measurement, gas analysis, liquid level detection, and process control instrumentation. Consult GE for use with other liquid systems. We are specialist manufacturers of hydraulic measurement and control products helping to improve the productivity of heavy machinery. Those guidelines, explained in.

of flow and temperature without pipe penetration, and compatibility with pipes from 1 to 200 in (25. This phase difference is directly proportional to the flow velocity. Easy and accurate flow measurement without interrupting the process Clamp-on type sensor easily mountable on existing pipe Suited for a wide range of liquids, for example, deionized water, cooling water, chemical solution, drinking water, sea water, oil, tap water, hot water, industrial water, corrosive liquids. GE Sensing TransPort® PT878 Panametrics Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter TransPortPT878 is a Panametrics product.

There&39;s no way to test the flow meter sensor so you won&39;t be able to determine whether the sensor or the timer is at fault. Applications The TransPort PT878GC clamp-on gas flowmeter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for. Installation Chapter 1. To help determine the best locations for the sensors, use a standard moisture meter such as the Protimeter Surveymaster to establish the existing.

This is an ultrasonic flow meter for use with GE Panametrics flow metering products. Notify GE, giving full details of the problem, and provide the model number and serial number of the instrument. FCI uses the AVAL application model-ing software to predict meter performance in each installation. ge panametrics transport pt-878 ultrasonic flow meter flowmeter in like new condition. comes with all you need as pictured. UTX878 Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter User’s Manual 1 Chapter 1.

GE Sensing TransPort PT878GC Portable Gas Flowmeter PT878 GE Panametrics GC. Programming Site Data 1. It capitalizes on the ruggedness and superior performance of its predecessor, the TransPort PT878, but delivers a whole new level of intuitive and user-friendly capability based on today&39;s technology. Applications The TransPort PT878 portable liquid flowmeter is a complete portable ultrasonic flow metering system for. Flare Gas Mass Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter Features • Measures velocity, volumetric and mass flow Measures instantaneous average molecular weight The DigitalFlow XGF868i flow meter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for: High velocity range to 120 m/s (394 ft/s) Accurate low flow rate measurement – Track down or prevent losses from leakage with positive material. Applications The AquaTrans AT868 liquid flow transmitter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for measurement of:. If the nature of the problem indicates the need for factory service, GE will issue a.

The TransPort PT900 is the latest generation of portable clamp-on flow meter from GE&39;s Panametrics line of ultrasonic meters. Pioneer Industrial is proud to offer the ge sensing flow meter manual best flow metering and control products available on the market today. GE Panametrics has joined other GE high-technology sensing businesses under a new name—GE Sensing. GE Infrastructure Sensing Model AT868 AquaTrans™ Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter for Water (1- & 2-Channel) User’s Manual 910-218D September. GE Panametrics PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter. Panametrics, a Baker Hughes Business is a division of Baker Hughes. Panametrics has joined other GE high-technology sensing businesses under a new name_GE Industrial, Sensing. The DigitalFlow XGM868 gas flow transmitter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for measurement of most gases including: • Hydrocarbon gases • Vent gases.

Panametrics has joined other GE high-technology sensing businesses under a new name_ GE Industrial, Sensing. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies DigitalFlow™ GS868 Panametrics Steam Ultrasonic Mass Flowmeter Programming Manual (1-ChannelP1D1 March The DigitalFlow GS868 is a GE Panametrics product. G January DigitalFlow™ XMT868i Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter for Liquids (1 & 2-Channel) Service Manual. GE Sensing XMT868i Panametrics Liquid Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter Simple Type: Flow Meter. GE Sensing Panametrics PT878 This application note was written with the older PT868 in mind and as such it is equally applicable to the newer model the PT868 GE Sensing application note Calculate the Efficiency of a Chilled Water System Using the temperature transducers and the flow meter you can measure the energy of a chilled water system. Signet Measurement and Control GF Signet standard.

With 40+ years of exemplary experience, knowledge, and industry leading support, elementsearch. 3 The XGF868i Keypad Keypad Program Along with the 2-line, 16-character LCD, the XGF868i includes a 6-key magnetic keypad. A B Flow Transducers Direction of Flow Direction of. 1 Introduction To ensure safe and reliable operation of the Model UTX878 Ultrasonic Flowmeter, the system must be installed and programmed in accordance with the guidelines established by GE Sensing’s engineers. Panametrics entered the ultrasonic flow market with a gas flow meter more than 50 years ago. GE Sensing Applications DigitalFlow XGM868 is a Panametrics product. UltraSonic Flow Meters Advantages And DisAdvantages. sensors, mounting hardware, instructions cd&39;s, manual booklets, carrying bag.

These products are ideal for solving applications in the following industries:. We are a small engineering firm liquidating a bunch of equipment that we no longer use. 4 mm to 5 m) in diameter. FCI offers Vortab flow conditioners for use in applications that have significant straight run limitations.

Ge sensing flow meter manual

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